June Revelations from your Awkward, Charming, Introverted-Extrovert

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I'm Batcat!
oh yeah, and happy father's day.

Show Business

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My improv troupe, Act II, just did our first Zoom improv show to benefit OnStage Repertory Theatre and the Campbell Theatre. Our wonderful audience donated over $550! Thank you for watching and supporting the performing arts!

My Business

I re-edited a sketch comedy for NBC Spotlight in 2018 (Thank you to Rick Najera for doing pretty much all of the writing!)

I'm not an editor...but if you'd like to watch, just click on the picture!

Please let me know if you laughed!

Your Business

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Jo Kelly, Coach + Creator of The Emotional Reset

If you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, afraid - this 21-day Emotional Reset course can help you feel better. 

This FREE webinar shows you what the
21-Day Emotional Reset course is about.


Full disclosure: If you decide the program
is for you and enroll through my link here:

I will get a little thank you from Jo for referring you.

Either way, I highly recommend checking out Jo’s course. You have to do the work, and it’s tough, (and sometimes pretty bizarre, out-there, woo-woo) but so, so worth it!!

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