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June news from Alya:
an Enthusiastic, Idealistic, Wacky, Extroverted-Introvert

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To all the dads:

Happy Father's Day!

Show Business

Thank you to @walipriyanka for posting this story on Instagram!

I was honored to work with amazing actors at a table read for Asad Durrani, SFFILM’s FilmHouse residency program, for his feature film: She fell from the Sky

My Business

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Another (long over-due) and inspiring interview is published on The Actor's Resource podcast!

My guest is Josh Murray - award-winning actor and producer.

Josh Murray debuted nationally in TV movie "Killing Lincoln" (as assassin Lewis Powell) – Executive Produced by Ridley Scott and narrated by Tom Hanks – it set a record in viewership on the National Geographic Channel. Since then Josh has appeared in multiple shows and feature films, including a Tribeca Official Selection “Inheritance” starring Lily Collins and Simon Pegg, and had a recurring role on General Hospital.

His latest project is a self-produced feature “Gym Rat” playing an ex-con fitness freak with delusions of being the next Mr. Olympia.

You can follow Josh Murray on Instagram: @joshmurrayctor and @gymratmovie

Your Business

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Oh! I hope you read this before June 2!!

Which is National Donut Day!

And...FREE donuts on this day, June 2nd! at Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts and more!

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