January news from Alya:
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I'm already doing both! Happy New Year 2022!!

Show Business

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I am grateful to have been hired for a print job for vitalant!  It was an Amazon gift card promotion for donating blood.  Shout out to Cast Images, vitalant, David Montgomery and Jean Fox - makeup extraordinaire, multi-hyphenate!

Although the Amazon gift card promotion ended on December 4, if you donate now (between Dec. 22 to Jan. 7) you can get their holiday long-sleeve T-Shirt.

vitalant has 120 donation locations nationwide!


Please consider donating if you are able! Your donation can save lives!

My Business

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I love DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects! So, I am perming my own eyelashes this month!

(Fun fact - my eyelashes are short and stubby!)

Wish me luck!!


I may soon be batting my magnificent eyelashes at you ... or stare at you defensively with bald eyelids ... like a gecko

Your Business

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Do you have a pet? Here's some silly fun with them!

January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day!


This day is celebrated as an unofficial fun national holiday to step out in style with your pets!

If you dress up your pet and/or if you decide to be twinsies, please share your pics!

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