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December news from Alya:
an Enthusiastic, Idealistic, Wacky, Extroverted-Introvert

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Happy Holidays!

Show Business

Yay! I'm so happy and grateful to share that I have added to my rep team: Heather, Aaron and Nicole from UIA Talent - my agents in Atlanta!!

My Business

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Finally! Finally!!! Sobbbbbbb.......Tears of overwhelming relief and joy!!

I finally caught up with all of The Actor's Resource Podcast Season 2 guest interviews!

Last but definitely not Least - Max Muscato! Rock musician and The Founder of Rock Autism Music Festival!

Inspired by his brother, Sonny, who has autism - listen to this episode about how Sonny's drug addictions, incarceration and near-death experiences changed Max's life.

Max and his amazing team have created a fantastic way to sustain and support people with autism wiithin the entertainment industry.

Your Business

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If you're interested in A+ personal and business coaching: Arash Vossoughi is the guy!


And, he's giving one FREE 6-month Quantum Leap coaching program for 2024!

To be eligible to win: Go to his Instagram page, like his post, comment and share his post!

Good luck!

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