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.... I will be very, very full.
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Show Business

Grateful for my LA agents, JoAnn and Michelle at Rage Talent for securing a series regular audition for me for a new Disney sitcom!

My Business

Another episode of The Actor's Resource podcast will be ready later this month!

This time, my guest is Yvonne Senat Jones - series regular on Ruthless! She also has a brand new, exciting share on this episode!

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Your Business

Humor to help your day!

A dad buys a lie detector robot that slaps you if you lie.

Dad: Son, where were you at school hours?
Son: At school. The robot slaps the son.
Son: Okay I was watching KungFu Panda! The robot slaps his son again.
Son: Okay I was watching violent movies!
Dad: What?! When I was your age I never watched those kinds of movies! The robot slaps the dad.
Mom: Haha, after all, he is your son. The robot slaps the mom...

Thanks to KickAss Humor for this joke!

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