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May news from Alya:
an Enthusiastic, Idealistic, Wacky, Extroverted-Introvert

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Show Business

Another laurel update! (We're now on our 5th laurel!!)


Congratulations to Sarah Knapp, our director (and writer!) of "Laughing Again", who received an Honorable Mention from the Hollywood New Directors  Film Festival!

They recognized "Laughing Again" for its vision and the film's unique contribution to cinema!

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My Business


I love living in California! So many places and new things to see and do and discover!

I went hiking and discovered a field of poppies in bloom!

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Wondering what to do for Mother's Day?

Here are 60! (SIXTY!) fun ideas from EventBrite (just keep scrolling down the page!) including a Terrarium Workshop, Pampering, Wine Tasting and Afternoon Tea, just to list a few!

(I love me some Afternoon Tea, aka High Tea, aka Cream's the tea with all the yummy finger sandwiches and scones and cream and munchies!)

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