September news from Alya:
an Enthusiastic, Idealistic, Wacky, Introverted-Extrovert  have the life of a cat?..Yes, please!

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Show Business

Cosplay Picard - the series

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Cosplay Picard
(Picard Season 1 Parody in 10 minutes!)

I had so much fun on this webseries: Cosplay Picard!


I play Tabitha - a series regular with a hilarious, talented ensemble cast!


And for the Picard Season 1 Parody - I play Commodore Oh.


Thank you to the genius mastermind, Kate Jo Hughes, who produced and directed this web series.


And shout out to new friends: Allan Santiago, Andrew Tarr, Candace Decker, Jennifer Bradley, Richard Width, Steven Decker and Susan Crocker.

You can also watch outtakes in the cast party video:

Your Business

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Spending money is fun! And sometimes, doing fun things without spending money is fun, too!

Here's a link with ideas for 100 Free things to do!

I especially like #24: A Penny Date:

The premise of a penny date is to use coin flips to dictate where you’ll spend your date. Select a starting point and then flip a penny. If it lands heads up, you turn right at the corner. Tails up, you turn left. You keep it up for a predetermined number of flips — and hope you don’t end up someplace weird. It’s really more about the journey than the destination.

Who's with me?! :)

My Business

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I'm so excited to announce a new season of The Actor's Resource podcast will be coming at the end of September!

Thanks to Mara McCann's suggestion - Season 2 will be interviews of success stories!! Success Stories from ALL departments of the entertainment industry! Showrunners, Actors, Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, etc!!