March Revelations from your Awkward, Charming, Introverted-Extrovert

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Show Business

I've been very grateful and busy with lots of auditions and being on set in January and February! Shout out to my manager and

SF agents & LA agents! I'm also getting new headshots this month!

Looking forward to sharing my new pics with you soon! :)

My Business

I'm looking forward to the Cinequest film festival in San Jose this month!

There are so many films with people I know and/or have worked with that are being screened there! I'm so excited to see everyone's work!

Your Business


This is seriously the best cinnamon roll recipe I have found! It's the closest to Cinnabon at half the price and possibly 10x the calories! But so worth it!

Next quest: finding the best apple fritter!

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