February Revelations from your Awkward, Charming, Introverted-Extrovert

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Hope you have an adorable Valentine's Day!

Show Business

It's official!


After a lot of time, debate, indecision and drinking - I've changed my stage name to....drum roll......


Alya Lei!
(Pronounced ah-lee-ah lay).


Please keep an eye out as I transition from my old name to my new name!

My Business

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Celebration time, Come On!

The start of 2020 is already a moving, grooving year! In addition to acting and improvising, I started a new business in 2020!

I'm currently in training, but if you're curious how you can help with my training - please email me!

(ps. Helping with my training won't be painful, you'll learn a lot and even receive something FREE. Win-Win!)

Your Business

Join me in another FREE 21-Day meditation challenge with Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra!

This meditation challenge is focusing on our health! Starts on Monday, February 3rd!

Register here and let's meditate and improve our health together!

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