Beach Lover.  Art Admirer.  Improv Addict.

Hi! My name is Alya and I'm generally a 'happy-go-lucky' person - thanks to my astrological sign: Libra.


And true to the Libran's archetype - I'm idealistic and think that life should be fair.

(Go ahead. Laugh. Roll your eyes. Snort. It's okay, I do...usually loudly and on first dates.)


I've had the calling to be an actor since I was in second grade. I love being on set and on stage. I especially love being part of a production that connects to the audience and affects a person's life in a positive way. One of my goals is to be in a production where I can make a person laugh so hard, their stomach hurts and then cry so hard, their nose runs. (not necessarily in that order.)


I'm also a member of "Act II" Improv troupe - focusing on both comedic short form and dramatic long-form improvisation. I'm proud to say that our troupe coined the term "Improv for Good", because we donate all of our net proceeds, from all of our improv shows, to a variety of charities.


I've worked on network television shows, been cast in numerous independent films, corporate industrials, and booked principal roles in commercials. I am consistently working on my craft with a variety of acting coaches, currently with Scott Sedita Acting Studios - Comedy Masterclass.

I'm currently working on my next goal, rocking a guest-star role on a sitcom!

2010 - present
2010 - present