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Beach Lover.  Art Lover.  Improv Addict.

Hi! My name is Alya and I'm generally a 'happy-go-lucky' person -
thanks to my astrological sign: Libra.


True to the Libran's archetype - I'm idealistic and think life should be fair.

(Go ahead. Laugh. Roll your eyes. Snort.

It's okay, I do...usually loudly and on first dates.)


I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the US when I was 3 years old.
I had the epiphany to be an actor in elementary school, although I never
acted on the impulse (the irony! lol) until after graduating from college!

I love being part of a production that connects to the audience and
affects a person's life in a positive way. 

One of my goals is to be a character that makes the audience laugh so hard, their stomach hurts and then cry so hard they “ugly cry”
(not necessarily in that order).

I've played a therapist on HBO’s Barry, an attorney on FOX’s Lucifer,
a mom on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. I’ve also played leads in indie films that
were accepted into award-winning film festivals. You might recognize me as a doctor on an Innovage commercial or office worker on an IBM spot.


I was a member (and producer) of FreeFall International Improv troupe -
an international group of actors and creators, established during the pandemic.
I loved practicing weekly with these amazing, generous, talented, and silly ladies! 

Freefall International performed live, unscripted shows on zoom for audiences
all around the world, connecting with joy, tears and laughter, by recognizing
our shared humanity.

I am consistently working on my craft and currently working on
booking a guest-star role on a comedy series, ideally with Taika Waititi!!

2010 - present
2010 - present
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